What is my account?
The information only for a visitor can be managed and the time and effort which reinputs orderer information at the time of purchase after next time can be saved.
Moreover, you can carry out favorite registration of the goods, or can announce interested goods to a friend by e-mail.

Order history
The order contents of the goods purchased in the past are displayed.

Favorite list (Favorite item)
A button will be displayed if the page of goods is visited in the state where it logged in to the online shop. Merchandise information is stocked by the favorite list if the button is pushed. It is convenient, if you use it when I wish to see once again later.

Edit account details
The contents inputted at the time of member registration can be changed. Change of a mail address and change of a password are also possible.

Add shipping address
A place other than the address at the time of member registration can be registered too.

Cancel your account
Account withdrawal from the membership.
Please let me know about the stock status of goods, or dispatch and delivery charge.
The product which had you order is scheduled to deliver within five days from receiving your order date. There is also a case of exception

In addition, in our store, it is intended to share the stock and stores. Therefore, there is a case of out of stock depending on the timing of the order. In that case, We will contact you by return.

Shipping rates
Asia -- ¥1,800-
Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East -- ¥2,400-
Europe -- ¥2,800-
South America, Africa -- ¥3,800-
Can time specification of delivery of an article be performed?
Sorry..It does not correspond.
Can cancellation after an order be performed?
If it is less than 24 hours from the completion of an order receptionist, cancellation or change of order contents is possible. (It cannot cancel, when shipment procedure has already finished. )
Inquiry form  or please contact me by e-mail.
Can wrapping for a present be performed?
In the case of hope of giftwrapping,please fill in a remarks column as "giftwrapping hope."
We will pack up with original wrapping carefully. (Free)
To a special day and an important person -- Please use for the present which put the heart.
A confirmation mail is not delivered although an order was placed.
In the case of the visitor of use of free mail, there is a case where order confirmation mail goes into a spam folder.
In not delivering e-mail, please confirm a spam folder.  Even if you confirm, when e-mail is not found, please ask from the form here.
Is repair and an order of original goods possible?
Please ask by direct coming to the store or mail.
Store information is here.

◆Inquiry registration time
mail : 24hours.